How do I become an Affiliate?

We want to make sure who ever we pick to become an affiliate, represents the brand well and is proud to be part of something new and exciting.
We don’t really have set criteria when we choose our affiliates. The only advice we can offer is to identify what makes you unique and how that unique nature or ability can inspire others to become greater versions of themselves. 
More simply – it’s not just about the person – It’s about how you can positively influence others.
Make sure you’re following us on social media, tagging us in your posts and repping the Physifit brand! We’re always on the look-out for people to join our team.


Benefits of being an affiliate: 
  • Unique affiliate discount code to share with your followers
  • Earn 10% commision on every sale that they use your code
  • Uncapped monthly payouts
  • Chance of getting sponsored
Think you have what is takes? Apply below.